Paddy - Whisky



Paddy's story starts with Paddy Flaherty, a true whiskey salesman in Cork County, Ireland, who sold a triple-distilled Irish whiskey. Due to Patrick's jovial character, people soon started asking for ‘Paddy's Irish whiskey’.

Shall we Paddy?

Paddy is soft, easy to drink and reasonably priced. This whiskey is ideal for consumers looking for an authentic whiskey brand with a lively twist. Thanks to its great quality, ideal for good times with friends, we are keeping Paddy Flaherty’s spirit and love for whiskey alive!

Paddy Irish Whisky 40°
Paddy Irish Whisky

70cl – 100cl

Paddy Irish Whisky 40°

Paddy Irish whiskey is a signature blend of 3 unique components: Pot still whiskey, malt whiskey and grain whiskey. These unique ingredients are what gives Paddy’s its soft taste. Paddy’s is aged in various casks (bourbon, sherry, port, etc.) and all the whiskey from the different casks is then mixed for bottling.