HTK - Gin



HTK gin is a creation of the master distiller of Hertekamp, ​​the famous Belgian grain genever launched in 1894. HTK is the fruit of age-old craftsmanship.

Belgische Premium Gin

The legendary Hertekamp grain genever and HTK Belgian Dry Gin are therefore authentic, legitimate ‘grain brothers’. In HTK gin you can taste the perfect control of the distillation process, which allows the first-class ingredients to truly come into their own.

You can recognise the authentic HTK Belgian Dry Gin by the deer logo on the bottle and by the Hertekamp brand name engraved in the bottle.

HTK Belgian Dry Gin 43,7°
HTK Belgian Dry Gin


HTK Belgian Dry Gin 43,7°

Its perfectly balanced harmony is immediately noticeable in the mouth. With its 43.7% alcohol, HTK Belgian Dry Gin offers a robust combination of sour and peppery flavours.

The juniper berries, in particular, come into their own with great elegance. The zest of citrus fruits and the aromatic herbs provide a long and beautiful finish with lemony and flowery notes.