Sobieski - Vodka



Polish heritage, respecting tradition and know-how.

100% rye. Polish vodka.

Centuries of Polish excellence have brought this vodka to near perfection. Sobieski vodka is proud of its Polish heritage, respecting tradition and know-how. In accordance with the statutory regulations for Polish vodka, Sobieski is made using 100% Polish rye and Polish spring water. It is fermented and distilled in Poland’s oldest distillery and then bottled in Poland. Sobieski is a real Polish vodka!

Sobieski Vodka 37.5°
Sobieski Vodka 37.5°

20cl – 70cl – 100cl

Sobieski Vodka 37.5°

Sobieski vodka is made from Polish rye and crystal-clear spring water. This gives Sobieski vodka its subtle scent of matured Polish grain and its silky-smooth taste, perfect for cocktails.