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Sir Edwards

The taste of Scotland has never been so satisfying as with Sir Edward’s 'Finest Scotch Whisky'.

Schotland in a glass

Sir Edward’s is an exquisite and authentic whisky that stays true to its native land, in the heart of Scotland. This whisky with its glorious golden colour combines good quality with an attractive price. Sir Edward’s is carefully distilled, blended and aged according to ancient tradition. And you can taste that!

Sir Edward’s Finest Whisky 40°
Sir Edward's Finest Whisky 40°

20cl – 70cl – 100cl

Sir Edward’s Finest Whisky 40°

This signature blend is made with a selection of the finest malt & grain Scotch Whiskies. Sir Edward’s Finest has a pleasantly round and very accessible taste. This high-quality blend is the perfect whisky for both connoisseurs and novices experiencing the whisky category for the first time.