Olifant - Genever



The Olifant story started way back in 1841. That was the year the Melchers family started to produce Olifant in Schiedam, the heart of the genever distilling region.

Dutch genever since 1841! 

In the same year, Olifant embarked on its first voyage to the Dutch colonies in South and West Africa. Ships full of Olifant young grain genever reached the ports of Africa. Because it was not clear to the population what exactly was in the barrels, the recognisable Olifant (elephant) logo was created. From that moment on, everyone knew: Olifant stands for young grain genever.

The current modernised label still shows the coat of arms of the genever town of Schiedam and an imposing African elephant in orange-brown tones, as a reminder of the Dutch genever heritage and Olifant’s earlier travels to distant Dutch colonies.

Olifant Young Grain Genever 35°
Olifant Jonge Graanjenever


Olifant Young Grain Genever 35°

Olifant Young Grain Genever owes its pure taste to the precious corn wine, grains and herbs. For you to experience a really firm bite. Drink it neat, with a mixer or as the basis for a cocktail.