Eliterna - Fruit in brandy

Fruit in brandy


Eliterna is rooted in the Betuwe region, in Ressen-Bemmel to be precise. Although, traditionally, a lot of fruit is grown in this region, the area is best known for its delicious fruit preparations, such as jams and juices.

A very popular delicacy

One of the fruit processors went a step further and got involved in fruit wine and fruit in brandy. See how the Eliterna Boerenjongens and Boerenmeisjes fruit in brandy specialities came into being here. The fruit in brandy products were a hit and are still a popular delicacy with many uses today. The use of Eliterna Boerenjongens en Boerenmeisjes in desserts and on pancakes is very common. The culinary use of Eliterna’s preserved fruits gives ordinary recipes a surprising twist. How about a beef stew with Boerenmeisjes and tomato?

Eliterna Boerenjongens 12°
Eliterna Boerenjongens 12°


Eliterna Boerenjongens 12°

Eliterna Boerenjongens uses the best sun-dried raisins in its own home-fired spicy brandy, containing cinnamon oil and cloves, among other things.